By | 09 June 2011

Possible Southern California Integration Broker and/or Workshops

I have been thinking about giving some on-site training sessions in Southern California for PeopleSoft developers. The two areas where I see a lot of confusion and where I have a lot of experience are:

  • Understanding the Component Buffer
  • Understanding Integration Broker Development

I want to gauge the level of interest in an on-site workshop in Southern California. We would not cover basic concepts. We would dive into detailed code examples and probably do some live coding and walk through some past designs that have made it to production. These would be detailed workshops unlike any training you may have taken before regarding PeopleTools. They would be developer centric with alot of code examples both good examples and bad examples. This would not be beginner courses. (Oracle already does a great job with beginner courses.) I have in-depth real world experience developing bolt-on applications. I can share with you the secrets I have learned over the years.

If you are interested please contact me:

I am thinking about some time in the early Fall for the first session. The pricing would depend on the level of interest. The more people that signed up the lower the price per attendee. It would be a 1-2 day workshop.

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