By | 13 October 2010

Doing more with files with Java and PeopleCode

Here are some examples of using java objects in PeopleCode to do more with files than you can in PeopleCode. We can get the last modified time, the size, and we can rename it.

Local string &fileName;

&fileName = "/path/to/file/myFile.txt";

/* Get a reference to a file object */

Local JavaObject &f = CreateJavaObject("", &fileName);

/* get a reference to the simple date format */

Local JavaObject &sdf = CreateJavaObject("java.text.SimpleDateFormat", "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss");

/* Get the last modified time as a string */

&mod = &sdf.format(&f.lastModified());

/* Get the size in bytes */

Local number &SIZE = &f.length();

/* Lets try to rename the file */

local string &newFileName;

&newFileName = "/newPath/to/File/myfile.txt.backup";

Local JavaObject &fBU = CreateJavaObject("", &newFileName);

Local boolean &b2;

&b2 = &f.renameTo(&fBU);

If &b2 = True Then





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