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A Complete PeopleSoft REST Web Service Example

A complete example of providing a REST web service in PeopleSoft.

JSON Parsing Limitations in 8.53

A warning in 8.53 JSON parsing limitations.

JSON Parsing using PeopleCode Classes Starting in PeopleTools 8.55.11

A newly discovered JSON parsing PeopleCode Class in 8.55.11

JSONtoXML Application Class - An Alternative Method to Parse JSON in Peoplecode

A new custom solution to convert JSON to XML in PeopleSoft. It makes parsing JSON in PeopleCode easier.

PeopleSoft RESTListeningConnector Not So "RESTful"

RESTListeningConnector not returning RESTful faults.

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PeopleTools REST Based Web Services Removing Response

A look at a strange issue/bug/limitation of calling a REST based service from PeopleSoft.

REST Web Services - Generating and Working with Error Responses

A look at sending error responses in PeopleSoft REST web services and some nuances with using them.

Using Apache HttpClient from PeopleCode

Some code examples of using Apache httpClient from PeopleCode (bypassing Integration Broker)

Will PeopleSoft Support REST Web Services?

For PeopleTools 8.51 and lower the answer is No.