Understanding Microsoft Word: Themes and Styles

Are you tired of spending hours formatting long documents? Do you want your work to look more professional? If you answered yes to these two questions, this training video will give you the skills you need to reach your goals. With an investment of less than one hour, you will become more efficient at formatting large Word documents using “Themes” and “Styles.” This video will give you a solid introduction to this very important and time saving functionality.

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Who is this video intended for?

This is not a beginner course! We assume that you have been using Microsoft Word to complete tasks such as writing long research papers (e.g., thesis, dissertation), creating long technical documents and specifications, writing large scale proposals, and anything in Word longer than a few pages. If you occasionally create small documents under a page in length, this video may not be for you. More specifically, you are not likely to gain much from this presentation because the benefits of “Themes” and “Styles” becomes greater as the document length increases.

This video covers Microsoft Word 2010. However, if you are still using Microsoft Office 2007, you can still gain just as much knowledge from this video. The training includes the following:

Part 1 – Introduction to course

  • Overview of course

Part 2 – Introduction to Themes and Styles

  • Introduction to Themes
  • Introduction to Styles
  • Benefits of using Themes and Styles

Part 3 – Styles in Detail

  • Accessing Styles
  • Working with the Style Pane
  • Using Styles

Part 4 – Going Deeper into Styles

  • Types of Styles
  • Modifying a Style
  • Creating a Style
  • Cleaning up document formatting
  • Working with Auto-generated Table of Contents
  • Working with Table Styles