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PeopleSoft Simple Web Services (SWS)
Do you need a quick way to create web services?

Introducing a small but powerful PeopleSoft bolt-on that makes web services very easy. If you have a SQL statement, you can turn that into a web service in PeopleSoft in a few minutes.

Integration Broker - The Missing Manual

I am in the process of writing a book called "Integration Broker - The Missing Manual" that you can read online.

Training Video
Component Interface Training for Developers

This video is a downloadable in-depth look at Component Interface. What will you learn?

  • When to use Component Interface
  • How to develop with the technology
  • How to troubleshoot and test

Training Video
Component Interface for Managers and Analysts

This 30 minute course is a great fit for non-technical people to understand PeopleSoft Component Interface.

Training Video
PeopleCode Debugging using the DataDumper

The CHG_DEBUG:dataDumper application package is a PeopleTools® Application Package that we wrote to do focused debugging of PeopleCode. Learn what it can do!

Recent Knowledge Base Updates

KB Article
(Opinionated) App Engine Template

This article shows a template application engine that you can use which is entirely PeopleCode and NO SQL objects. It will help you have more simple and maintainable application engine program

KB Article
Integrating Student Data into PeopleSoft Campus Solutions - A Practical Guide

A high level overview of integrating with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions for admitting students.

KB Article
New IB Book Section - HttpTargetConnector

A new book chapter about HttpTargetConnector

KB Article
Strategies to Integrate with PeopleSoft

New book chapter on strategies to integration with PeopleSoft.

KB Article
Best Practices with PeopleSoft Table Updates and Inserts

New book chapter on table update strategies in PeopleSoft.