PeopleCode Events that do not fire in Component Interface

By Chris Malek | Wed, Apr 25, 2012

When you create an Component Interface object in Application Designer that wraps an existing PeopleTools Component, there are some subtle issues with some PeopleCode events that you should be aware of. This is documented in PeopleBooks but is often overlooked by developers. Additionally, if you are creating a Component Interface definition for a Component that is delivered or someone else wrote you can run into problems if the Component is using certain PeopleCode events that are critical to the logic of the component.

PeopleCode Issues with Component Interface

  • Page Activate event does not fire
  • TransferPage and Transfer PeopleCode functions do not fire
  • DoSaveNow does not fire
  • DoModel* functions will not fire
  • SetCursorPosition
  • SearchInit event does not fire
  • SearchSave event does not fire
  • RowSelect event does not fire
  • Menu PeopleCode

So if you are creating a component that you want to expose in a Component Interface, you should be aware of these limitations and make sure you are not using any of these events or functions. The two that I see the most that cause issues is the “doSaveNow” and the Page Activate events.

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