File Attachment Storage Options

By Chris Malek | Thu, Jan 12, 2012

When you are using the FileAttachment functionality in PeopleTools you have two options for storing the files. You can store them in the database or store them in an FTP site. Here are some of the items to consider.

File System: Pros

  • Easy to backup
  • Easy to manipulate outside of PeopleSoft by other systems
  • Easy to virus scan

File System: Cons

  • Security is administered outside of PeopleTools
  • Additional Step for development refreshes
    • You must change the URL so your DEV/TEST database does not delete production data
  • One more step for disater recovery

Database: Pros

  • Easier Refreshes
  • One security model: PeopleSoft security

Database: Cons

  • Increased database size
  • No way to easily view files outside of PeopleSoft Application
  • Harder to virus scan

My Verdict: Store the files in the database.

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