Resolving "Highlighted fields are required (15,30)" Errors

By Chris Malek | Tue, Jun 9, 2015

Have you ever seen this error message from a PeopleSoft page and not been able to find any field that is highlighted in red?

Highlighted fields are required. (15,30)\ Enter data into the highlighted fields.
This is generally because there is some hidden field that did not get defaulted.

There is a quick method you can use to figure out what hidden field is causing the issue. This will probably save you hours of time and some bruises on your forehead from banging your head on your desk in frustration.

  • First go to your login page and click the “trace” link.
  • Look at the trace settings titled “Component Processor trace settings”
    • Check Component Buffers at Init
    • Check Component Buffers before/after service
    • Check Component Buffers before Save
  • Login to your application page and reproduce the (15,30) error.
  • Go find you trace file on the application server.
  • The trace file will have a dump of the component buffers which has ever field listed plus a bunch of meta-data about the component.
    • This first screen-shot shows the start of the “scroll buffer” dump
  • If you carefully take some time to look very closely at that buffer dump, you can find very useful information about what is going on in the buffer.
    • You can see hidden records and field values.
    • You can see how many rows are in each scroll area and related displays.
    • You can see dummy row status.
    • You can see what fields were changed and before and after values.
  • Most importantly, you can see fields that are in an error condition.
    • In the screenshot below, we can see that the OPRID field on SCC_SL_SMP_PARM record at level zero (lvl0) was blank and in an error condition. This was from a run control page and the OPRID field is typically not displayed on the page.
  • Make whatever technical changes are needed to get the required field populated.

I hope this helps. Have a great day!

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