SFTP Example using PeopleCode

By Chris Malek | Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Starting in PeopleTools 8.51, there is native support for sftp (secure) for putting and getting files from an sftp server. There were some key improvements to the URL page that need to be setup properly. Additionally, you have to pass the attachment functions a url object so the password decryption will happen correctly. This will make sense shortly.

Setup the URL

First we need to setup the url object correctly. First we setup the url with an “sftp://” scheme.

Then we use the URL Properties sub-page to set some important properties on the URL. In this example we are using a password authentication scheme to the sftp server. There is some support for key-based authentication.

NOTE: It seems that these new user name and password fields do not migrate with projects when you migrate the URL.

PeopleCode SFTP Example

Now lets look at a simple Application Engine PeopleCode example that will do the following:

  • Get the current directory where the application engine is keeping its working files.
  • Create a simple “hello world” file
  • using sftp, we will “put” the file on the server.
    • If the url definition had some other scheme like ftps or https this same code would work.
Local File &f;
Local string &directory;


Local string &fileName = "superImportantFile.txt";
&f = GetFile((&directory | "/" | &fileName), "w", %FilePath_Absolute);
&f.WriteLine("Hello World @ " | %Datetime);

/* The Important thing here is to pass the URL object to putattachment */
/*   which causes some magic to happen with password decryption */
/*   and the file transfer */

Local integer &return = PutAttachment(URL.NU_FILE_ATTACHMENTS, &fileName, (&directory | "/" | &fileName));

If &return = 0 Then
    /* file should have go through */
    /* something went wrong */
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