Study List for Learning Integration Broker

By Chris Malek | Mon, Jul 4, 2011

We have been getting a lot of requests for an Integration Broker training video targeted at developers like our Component Interface training video. Right now we do not have one. (We do have one mapped out on paper but creating a high quality video with real world code examples is a large task.)

There is an Oracle Integration Broker Self Study course which you can buy from Oracle. My issue with it is that about 90% of the time is spent on more administrative features and installation. The installation is a one time thing but the development tasks are on-going and more complicated. I would like to see some in-depth training on how/why/when to use integration broker from the developer’s view and some discussion on best practices and detailed walk-thru of come integration broker code. I am not aware of any training like this.

Here are some Self-Study links and ideas for getting up to speed on the development task for Integration Broker.

  • Read PeopleBooks
  • Read all the release notes as changes are introduced in every release that may only be highlighted in release notes
  • See if your company will buy the Oracle Self Study Integration Broker CD
  • Look at delivered code examples
  • If you don’t have access to a play PeopleTools database at your work/client, install a self hosted one on your laptop using something like VMWare or Oracle’s equivalent.
    • Oracle has pre-installed application Virtual machines on Amazon e2 and I think they have some pre-configured images for their virtual machine. You can download the software from
  • Play around in a sandbox database with different web services.
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