Training Videos & Products

PeopleTools® Component Interface for Developers

The PeopleTools Component Interface Training Video is an in-depth look at component interface from a developers perspective. We start simple then dive into real world usage examples. We discuss conceptual topics, common pitfalls and optimal usage and design patterns. In four hours, the viewer will gain mastery of this important PeopleTools® technology. Download Today

PeopleTools® Component Interface for Managers

This 30 minute course is a great fit for non-technical people to understand PeopleSoft Component Interface. This portion of the full CI training covers high-level conceptual topics to put the CI technology into perspective with other key PeopleTools technologies and concepts. I want to Learn

PeopleCode Debugging with the dataDumper

The PeopleCode debugging with the dataDumper training video shows the viewer how to use our open source dataDumper application class that we released. The dataDumper class helps PeopleTools® developers quickly debug programs and easily peer inside PeopleSoft objects like records and rowsets at run time. If you hate looking at trace files or need an enhanced debugging tool, then you should watch this video. Learn More


Integration Broker Book

I am in the process of writing a book called Integration Broker - The Missing Manual for which you can read online for free.


My Alerts Module

The My Alerts module is a simple and configurable pagelet that alerts users about actions they need to take. An alert could be action items like electronic approvals, benefit events, or request for information. Alerts can be added, changed and inactivated without any code migrations.