Training Video FAQ

What is the license and terms of use?

Please see the Terms of Service Page.

How will I get the video files after I complete the purchase?

Shortly after we authorized your credit card, we will email you a download link for the video. The download link will also be displayed after your successful payment.

I never got an email with download instructions after completing my purchase. What do I do?

If you did not receive an email in your inbox, please check your “junk” mail folder to see if your email program marked it as spam. If you still cannot find the email, please visit the contact page on this website and we will promptly look into the issue.

What software do I need to view the videos?

The videos are encoded with H.264. This is a common video CODEC that is supported by many video players. Here are some free videos players that support H.264 playback:

What kind of DRM protection is used?

Videos produced by Cedar Hills Group, Inc. are not currently protected by any Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions. We trust you to not redistribute the works which would violate the copyright.

What video CODEC is used in the video editing?

The videos are encoded with H.264 CODEC.

How did you come up with the price of the videos?

Creating training videos of this nature requires an immense amount of time. First the producer must have the product expertise, a script must be written, and then code samples and graphics must be created. Then, to capture the audio and video in the production phase takes more time and special equipment and a different sort of expertise. Finally, all the pieces must be edited together using special software that requires yet another expertise. This all takes time.

We have tried to price the videos competitively and to be more cost effective than sending your team to a training class for the day. If you think about travel and training cost for a traditional on-site course, you will see that our videos are very cost effective.

Can I request other training topics?

If you would like to see other training topics, please contact us with your ideas. We have several other topics on our wish list.

Can I purchase copies on a DVD?

We currently do not offer DVDs of the videos at this time. This allows us to send you updated version digitally after we make corrections and improvements to the videos.

Do you offer non-profit and education discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts. Please contact us directly about educational and non-profit discount codes.

How will I download the video files?

My hard drive crashed and I lost the video files I purchased. How can I download them again?

Please contact us and we will regenerate a download link for you.