Training Video Terms of Service

Are the videos copyrighted?

Yes, all videos hosted and sold on this site are copyrighted by Cedar Hills Group, Inc. Please see the United States Copyright Office’s website for more information at

Am I allowed to copy the video files?

You may make copies for you own personal use (e.g., one on your laptop while traveling and one on your home machine, backup copies in case your system crashes, etc.), but you may not give your video file to other people.

Can I let my friends and colleagues watch the video I purchased?

No, the video are licensed to you only. The license agreement does not allow you to share the videos with anyone else. If your friends and colleagues wish to view the video, they must purchase their own copy.

Can I sell a used video when I am done with it?

No, the ownership of a video cannot be transferred.

Are the video files restricted with DRM?

There is no copy protection (DRM) or functionality restrictions in the video files. You may view them for personal use as you see fit. You may not give your video version to other people. You can buy multiple licenses of a training video for your team or organization.

What’s your update policy?

When you buy a video from us, you are entitled to free updates for the lifetime of that edition of the video. If we create a new edition, the new addition will be a separate purchase.