Component Interface training for Developers

Master the technology that every PeopleSoft developer must know.

Learn PeopleTools Component Interface in 4 hours!

  • Learn how to write less code that does more.
  • Learn how to write more maintainable code.
  • Learn how to be more productive in PeopleTools.
  • Learn how to write better conversion programs.
  • Learn how to write code that has less upgrade impacts.

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Training Objectives

By the end of this four hour video the viewer will have a solid foundation and understanding of the PeopleSoft Component Interface technology. You will learn:

  • When to use Component Interface
  • How to develop with the technology
  • How to troubleshoot and test

Video Sections

  1. Conceptual Component Interface Topics
  2. Simple Component Interface Example
  3. 10-Step Component Interface Development Process
  4. Real World Component Interface Example
  5. Component Interface Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques

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Training Summary

  • By the end of this four hour video the viewer will have a solid foundation and understanding of the PeopleSoft Component Interface technology. You will know when to use Component Interface, how to develop with the technology, and how to troubleshoot and test.
  • We cover conceptual topics and look at in depth code examples.
  • We develop a sample application line by line and explain each line of code.
  • A technical developer who has never used CI before will gain substantial knowledge from this video and feel confident working with the technology.
  • Experienced developers will more likely focus on sections three, four and five which cover the our 10-step development process, a real world technical implementation, and troubleshooting.
  • This is the only in-depth training video that gives you the necessary Component Interface tutorial to get you up to speed with the technology.

Section 1 – Conceptual Component Interface Topics

  • This portion of the video covers higher level conceptual topics to put the CI technology into perspective with other key PeopleTools technologies and concepts.
  • The video will introduce the CI technology along with potential benefits and drawbacks.
  • We continue by describing the common uses of CI and the areas where they do and do not make a good fit.
  • The section finishes by defining the CI terminology and maps this new nomenclature back to the component buffer terminology that is familiar to PeopleTools technical developers.

Section 2 – Simple Component Interface Example

  • The next section of this video focuses on creating a simple application using Component Interface from start to finish.
  • This example illustrates the development cycle on a very basic component. This will allow the viewer to visualize all the steps needed when developing with this technology.
  • Specifically, this section covers creating a CI definition, CI security, CI tester, template code, Application Engine code, and error handling.

Section 3 – 10-Step Component Interface Development Process

  • Section three again focuses on conceptual topics.
  • This section lays out a simple 10-step process that should be used when developing with component interfaces.
  • The process is easy to follow and will ensure that you do not make the same common mistakes that many developers new to CI often make.
  • The final part of this section returns to discuss CI terminology.

Section 4 – Real World Component Interface Example

  • The fourth section will provide a more detailed and in depth example.
  • We create a realistic application based on CI.
  • The video outlines the business requirements for using a CI to create security user profiles within the database.
  • A flat file from a third party system is imported using Application Engine and user profiles are created using a Component Interface.
  • This part of the video shows you how to use the 10-step development process with a complex component.
  • The video covers every development step along the way from design, planning, testing, error handling, and common mistakes that developers make.
  • Moreover, we also make several code revisions along the way to demonstrate optimal design patterns.
  • At the end of this section, a complete application is completed and operational.

Section 5 – Component Interface Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques

  • The fifth and final section of the video will provide the viewer with tips and troubleshooting ideas.
  • We cover common issues and mistakes to watch out for that can cause difficulties for the developer.
  • In addition, we also discuss common steps needed to troubleshoot and resolve issues with CI.
  • We cover Component Interface corruption and how to identify and resolve it.
  • We further explain the APIObject type used extensively in Component Interface PeopleCode.
  • Finally, the video introduces two alternative ways to invoke a Component Interface.
  • Some other topics that are briefly discussed include:
    • An introduction to Excel to CI.
    • Additionally, we review how CI can be used within the Integration Broker.

Intended Audience

  • This video is intended for an individual with a technical background developing applications in Oracle PeopleSoft Application Designer.
  • The viewer should have some experience developing online pages and components and at least a basic understanding of PeopleCode.
  • This video concentrates on using CI within PeopleTools databases.

About the Presenter

This training video is written and presented by Chris Malek. Chris is a PeopleTools Technical Consultant who has personally mentored many PeopleSoft developers on the proper use of Component Interface. He has written hundreds of PeopleSoft programs and processes that use the CI technology. His code is running in production environments for clients doing diverse task such as data conversions, web services and system updates. He started using the technology when it was first release by PeopleSoft.

Chris created this video based on the questions he was constantly answering at client sites from PeopleSoft developers. He saw organizations having wide scale data issues because system processes developed where causing data corruption. Much of this data corruption would not have occurred if Component Interface would have been used instead of straight SQL inserts. Upon further investigation, it was often found that the Component Interface technology was just too daunting for many PeopleSoft developers. There was not good examples of the best practices around CI. There was not a good discussion in the documentation framing the technology inside the PeopleTools framework. Additionally, there was not “start-to-finish” examples of using the technology.

After answering the same questions over and over again and presenting the same information to developers, he thought developing this training video would help the PeopleSoft community and fill the knowledge gaps.

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